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Hunting Scents


Hunting Scents are used for many different reasons of course they are used to drawl in pray suck as Deer, Elk, Rabbits, and so on, the most popular are deer scents. Some deer scents are made up to small like the deer’s favorite food or the smell of a doe in heat. These scents are placed close by your desired hunting location such a corner of a corn field by a watering hole a known travel way ( a deer path) not only for deer, but also Bear, Elk, Rabbit, and so on.

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There are also scents to mask the human smell too.
Now not only are scents used to attract wild life to a certain location, but some scents are made to keep predators away from Small pest to large pest. To do so, you need to mark a barrier around a area that you don’t want animals around such as your camp area. Also these scents that masks the human odor and intensifies the effect of calling. Apply around the hunting area such as rocks, trees, and brush.
Also scents are used to train dogs for hunting, such as Rabbit scents, Quail scents, Raccoon scents by placing these scents on dumb replicas.
And there are scents to train dogs to follow blood trails.
These scents have many functions and if used correctly have brought on great success.
It is also a good idea to have the right scents but also ones that will last in wet conditions and strong enough to do its job.
Here are a few examples of many to give you all a idea.
These scents have stood the test of time and work!!!

Danger Zone Barrier – Large Animal

The Danger Zone Large Animal Barrier, creates a natural barrier to keep away unwanted animals and pests. The scent of a predator keeps deer, coyotes and other larger animals away by creating a scent barrier. Works on natural instincts of animals to avoid predators.The stick formula wont spill. No leaks and no mess. Scent is encapsulated and preserved in wax until you wipe it on no preservatives which can reduce effectiveness.Weather resistant wax base keeps scent from washing away in dew or rain.

Dog Training Scents – Grouse in A Stick

Border Crossing Scents has taken dog training scents up to the highest performance level. The scented stick formula lasts longer through training sessions on land, in water and in all weather conditions. Simply dab or wipe scent onto training dummy. Just re-apply the scent as needed.

Jeremy Moore’s Dog Bone Blood Trail Scent

Jeremy Moore’s DogBone Blood Trail scent formula is designed to train dogs to find wounded game. The wax-stick formula prevents spilling, accidental leaks in your pocket or backpack. The wax scent wont wash away in rain or dew or saliva, like a liquid scent, its really reliable. ConQuests stick formula requires no preservatives so you get 100% pure, unpreserved scent, it wont break down in temperatures less than 100 F.

VS-1 – Stick

ConQuest Scent took the most powerful liquid deer attractant ever and developed a patented solid stick formula that encapsulates and protects the estrus pheromones until it is applied. When applied the pheromones are released by evaporation. The advantages are: ease of application, re-sealable container, no spilling or leaking, will not freeze and will not break down in temperatures under 100 degrees. Can be stored safely in a hunters backpack. The stick is recommended to be used on ConQuest scent sponges and stored in a Ziploc bag between uses. This Patented stick formula will change the scent industry forever!

There are also Scent Dispensers

Ozone Go, Car-Truck

The Scent Crusher Ozone Go is designed to remove odors and contaminants from your vehicle using the power of ozone. The chemical free ozone destroys odors in 30 minutes. Simply plug the unit into your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet for hassle-free use. Declared Best New Product at the ATA Hunting


The Scent Crusher Ozone Gear Bag provides an easy and effective way for hunters to eliminate all smells and odors before and after the hunt. Utilizing the power of ozone to quickly destroy all odors and bacteria that causes odors. Simply place your gear in the bag, zip it up and set the timer. The Scent Crusher bag is completely complimentary to all carbon/silver lined scent control clothing and extends the life of the item with reduced laundering.


– Maintenance Free Digital Ozone Generator Included
– 12V Adapter and 110V Charger Included
– Heavy Duty Liner, Zippers and Adjustable Shoulder Strap
– Airport/TSA compliant

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