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Outside the Waistband Holsters, or OWB.
Ankle & Leg Holsters
Inside the Waistband Holsters, or IWB.
Pocket Holsters
Shoulder Holsters

Handgun holsters are designed to offer protection to the handgun these devices are used to hold and or restrict the movement of a handgun to, secure its retention and provide ready access to it. They are designed to be used with one hand so access is fast and easy. Holsters are a very important part of ready access for needs of security and protection choosing the right holster for personal needs is very important. One needs to consider in choosing the right balance especially if used for a defensive weapon holster for easy access, a conferrable fit not only the feel but location of the holster. There are many different types of holsters most commonly in a location where it can be easily withdrawn for immediate use. Holsters are often attached to a belt or waistband, either outside of the waist or inside the waist band, but they may be attached to other locations of the body such as the ankle, the upper leg, shoulder strapped holster, even pocket holsters for small handguns.

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Holsters for the most part are worn in a location on the person were access to the weapon is readily accessible at all times.
Holster designs for firearms cover a wide range of shapes, materials, and retention/release mechanisms, from simple leather pouches hanging from a belt to highly protective holsters with flaps that cover the entire handgun, to highly adjustable competition holsters that hold the handgun at a precise position and release instantly when activated. The wide range of types indicates the highly varied circumstances in which holsters are used, and the varying preferences of the users.

So lets talk about the different types and location of holsters to help determine the holster that fits your needs. We will give a few examples of each different types of holsters and descriptions.

Outside the waistband – belt holsters

Most commonly used by police and military, and by citizens who choose to open carry. AKA- Belt holsters can be worn high and close to the body, slightly behind the hip bone and can be concealed under a long, shirt or jacket.
Such as:

57 Remedy Holster Black

This open-top design for semiautomatics and small frame revolvers, fills a niche in the Bianchi line previously not offered. This model feature the fully molded holster front for improved comfort, and the open top design provides quick and convenient access. It’s designed for hip carry and features deep contour molding, making visible the distinct shape of the handgun it holds.
Belt Holster

Own the renowned Fobus holster in the belt mount model. These holsters accept up to 2″ belts inserted through one of two channels. Your firearm will ride in a close to the body-low profile position, ideal for concealment. Weighing in at just under 2 ounces, Fobus belt holsters are comfortable to wear without holster shift. Ultimate in rugged strength, impervious to the elements.
The belt mounted model provides the maximum in security. These holsters have gained rapid acceptance with special law enforcement personnel and police departments at federal, state and local level. Sportsmen enjoy having the finest in holster technology knowing that their sidearm will remain safe at their side, yet ready for instant use.
Belt Holster – Ambidextrous, Muddy Girl Camo

Holster is constructed of sturdy nylon with adjustable thumb break. Ambidextrous design features both a belt loop and pants clip for right or left handed use. Inner wall has a scratch-resistant lining and vinyl vapor barrier to protect the handgun.

These are only 3 examples of outside waist band holsters, there are many different types and made out of different type of materials and different sizes so make sure you pick the right size.
To note: Here at The Hunters Blind LLC we have all types and also the pictures and description come from this site, you can come and check all these different types of holsters these shown here in this article is only a very small sample of the stock this store carries.
So come visit or

Next type of holster:

Inside the waistband holsters, which clip or mount to a belt and allow one to securely holster the weapon inside the pants. Some IWB holsters give the wearer the option of tucking a shirt over the firearm and holster. A variant design is an “appendix inside the waistband holster” (AIWB), intended to allow wear inside the front of the pants (as opposed to the side or rear, which is more typical).

6D Deluxe Waistband Holster

This inside waistband design provides comfort and concealability with an ultra-thin, lightweight design. Ideal for casual carry, it has soft suede construction with a thumb break design for those who prefer more security. The Adjust-A-Break thumb break provides adjustability via hook & loop on the back of the holster allowing a custom fit for a variety of similar pistol in one holster size. The hi-ride design can be worn strongside or cross draw and the heavy-dutyspring steel clip keeps holster securely in place on the waist.

Inside the Waist Band Holster

Mission First Tactical is renowned for blending unique designs, revolutionary materials and production techniques resulting in form, fit and function that is unparalleled.
IWB Inside the Waist Band
Strong Side or Appendix
Adjustable Retention

Next is one of my favorite, ANKLE & LEG HOLSTERS

The leg holster are great for easy access and very comfortable and secure and the ankle holsters great concealment for protection really good for lets say a revolver such as a 38 special or even a snub nose 357, or even a 9mm or even a 22. They are out of the way and to know you have protection in each step.

Start off with a leg holster, again this is only one of many examples of a leg holster sold at
The hunters Blind LLC

Drop Leg Tactical Holster – Black

Thigh Straps has a dual row of rubber material to keep the thigh straps in place. Plastic Quick Connect Buckles for attaching the Holster to your thighs for a quick and easy attachment. Strap Slider for adjustability and to secure the loose end of the strap. Elastic Band sewn with Quick Connect Buckle to expand and contract with thigh muscles.
– Magazine Pouch has an adjustable magazine flap and an elastic band to keep the magazine secure.

Now to the ankle holster
Ankle Nylon

Made with soft knit fabric, the Nylon Ankle Holster keeps your pistol under wraps while providing comfortable next-to-skin wear.
Ankle Holster – Bersa Thunder-Fire 380

Fobus Standard Holster series is a revolutionary step forward in holster design and technology. State of the art design, injection molding and space age high-density plastics are combined to create a holster which cannot be duplicated in leather or any other material.


Shoulder holsters consist of two straps with the actual holster mounted to a strap on the right or the left side. Shoulder holsters are designed to position the handgun in one of three ways: vertical position with the barrel pointed generally toward the ground, a vertical position with the barrel pointed generally upward, or a horizontal position with the barrel pointed generally behind the wearer. Shoulder holsters allows to carry a gun in jacket or sports coat. Advantages of this holster are] it is comfortable to wear, even when wearing for a long time; it is easily concealable even with a jacket; a good design usually distributes the weight of the gun evenly.

Universal Shoulder Harness Ambidextrous, Polymer

Bulldog’s Polymer series is made of durable, high tech polymer materials. The universal design of the shoulder harness allows the attachment of any Bulldog Polymer holster and or magazine pouch. The universal design is fully adjustable to multiple draw positions.
High tech polymer materials for maximum comfort and flexibility.
Deluxe shoulder pads for maximum comfort.
Fully adjustable 1.5″ straps fit most shoulder and chest sizes
1″ elastic belt straps fit most torso lengths.
Works with all Bulldog polymer holster and magazine pouches (sold separately)
Includes left and right modular attachment points for use with holster and magazine pouch

The last one is Concealment Pocket Holster
The name explains it’s self, a holster that can be carried in ones pocket or bag.
Inside the Pocket Holster

Constructed of top grain vegetable tanned leather and molded to your specific pistol, these holsters are versatile and can be worn in your front or rear pocket. The leather flap on the back makes the print of a wallet so your pistol is concealed to anyone walking buy.

As you can see there are many different types of holsters and application you may have to choose more than one type to fit your personal needs.

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