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Gunsmithing Supplies

                                  GUNSMITHING  SUPPLIES  

Gunsmithing is a skilled trade they are responsible to ensure that a gun they are working on works and also functions properly not only for the guns use but also safely use.

If they are to  repair a gun and even to modify the gun ( add features such as scopes, targets or upgrade barrels, stocks, forends, lasers and so on)  first the gun needs to be inspected making sure the mechanical operation of the gun is in good operation. And they look for any defects they may exist.   The last thing you want is a gun that is not safe because of defects and you also want the gun to work how it was designed to.

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So what are some the  things that a gunsmith are looking for or better yet when they inspect a gun.

Improper Assembly, any missing parts, any cracks in the parts such as in the chamber and barrel and so on.  Also inspect the gun barrel for dents and existent of the barrel wear even the cleanliness of the barrel.  Inspection of headspace, meaning dimension locations of the chamber verses the bolt to make sure they are in tolerances. Makes sure the mechanical parts are synchronized to work properly such in automatic and revolvers.  To insure that safety mechanisms are work properly and not malfunctioning in any way.  Inspection of sear edges and firing pin tips, these mechanisms need to be in good condition defects can cause unexpected fire and primer rupture.


A Gunsmith needs  to have attention to detail as you can see from the above inspection requirements to be preformed.  So to perform these duties and to make repairs as need if defects are found a steady hand, a will for precision is strongly needed. They also have to have the ability to operate machinery and woodworking knowledge, also be skillful in grinding, polishing and filing, welding and soldering, in short a mechanical aptitude.

So gunsmiths may specialize or become a jack in all such as:

A FINISHER -That applies various chemical processes to metal parts of firearms to help prevent corrosion and also apply case hardening to steel parts that are needed.

STOCKMAKER- makes gun stocks out of wood of different verities and fits stocks to metal parts of the gun. A custom fit and designs even with carvings.

GUN ENGRAVERS- use of dies – sinkers- chisels to engrave designs into the surface of the gun, this is a highly skilled profession, a artist capabilities.

PISTOLSMITH- Works on pistols and revolvers.


Barrels, trigger assemblies, receivers, locks, clean & inspection, disassemble and reassemble, finishing, repair or replace damage parts.   Customizing ( sling-swivels, recoils pads, sights, scopes, grips, butt plates, lasers, and forends. Repair or refinish or replace stocks,  fix or replace grips, fix damaged engravings,  repair or replace barrels, correct head space as needed, inspection of bore erosion, inspection and repair of feeding-ejection-firing mechanisms, fabrication of wood stocks, fabrication of parts,  Replace worn barrels, which have fired so many rounds that they are no longer of the specified caliber (which leads to loss of accuracy) Change caliber or cartridge of existing rifle, Re-cut rifling and change caliber of existing barrel.

And Design and build.

Here are some examples of gunsmithing supplies:

Master Gunsmith Ultimate Gunsmith Tool Set

The Pachmayr Ultimate Gunsmith Tool Kit provides all the tools needed by professional gunsmiths or gun enthusiasts to perform basic gun repairs, modifications or maintenance. This all-in-one kit features Pachmayr’s extra strong, fixed blade screwdrivers with their unique “Torq Grip” handles. The “Torq Grip” handles provide a solid gripping surface with three slightly raised areas that allow your thumb to exert maximum torque. The driver shafts are made from tough, durable S2 tool steel and have hollow ground, magnetized tips. In addition, the kit includes a full assortment of standard punches, roll pin punches, as well as a brass drift punch, a center punch and the Brass Tapper Hammer. The Brass Tapper Hammer is equipped with interchangeable nylon, brass and steel heads to cover a full range of jobs. To complete the kit, a 277 piece screw kit is also included. The screw kit has 12 each of 23 different hard to find screws which fit many sights, scope bases, scope rings, and plug screw holes.

Master Gunsmith Screwdrivers:

– 1 Torx driver and 7 flat blade drivers
– Roll Pin Punches: 1/16″, 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″
– Standard Punches: 1/16″, 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″
– Special Punches: 1/8″ center punch, brass drift punch
– Brass Tapper Hammer with brass, nylon and steel heads
– Master Gunsmith 277 Piece Screw Kit


Amorers Handgun Sight Tool


Precision machined unit
Designed in install, un-install or adjust front and rear dovetail sights
Fully captures and supports slide so it won’t deform
Works on all semi auto pistols
Large 4 post drive knob to easily push the sight
Reference marks for precise adjustments

Screw Kit – Master Gunsmith Hex Head

These difficult to find screws are favored non-slip replacements for slotted screws. Packaged in a handy storage box with individual compartments for each size screw. Includes tweezers and a thread size gauge, which also doubles as a shortening jig used to grind a screw to a shorter length.

Deluxe Scope Mounting Kit (Lap Tools)

Now you can easily interchange optics on your firearms with professional-grade tools. This comprehensive kit contains all the components for precision scope mounting and maintenance. A torque wrench ensures you won’t over-tighten your optics, while Weaver SureThread adhesive helps prevent the loosening of mounting screws from shock and vibrations generated by recoil. Quality components provide tooling options for all your mounting tasks.


Includes 1″ lapping tools and compound to fit most mounting rings
Blow-molded compartments for secure storage and simple organization
Modular level system and torque wrench to ensure proper installation and accuracy
Includes instructional DVD

These are only some of the tools of gunsmithing.  Happy gunsmithing!

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