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Crossbows & Accessories


Crossbows have been around for hundreds of years and were a devastating weapon. There were built in different sizes, some that a single person could operate and some that took a team to operate, shoot bolts ( arrows ) to arrows that were lit on fire.

Here is a list of examples of crossbows and the different accessories by category we have at The Hunters Blind LLC .com. We will by showing examples of each and a description. Of the many to choose from.

Crossbow packages, Bolt aluminum, Bolt carbon, Case sleeves, Broadheads & accessories, Cocking device, Crossbow quivers, Optics-sights-mounts, and Replacement parts.

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I remember the days that many states outlawed crossbows unless one could prove a medical condition that would prevent one from using a tradition bow or compound bow. A doctor would have to fill out a form and you would have to submit this with a application to your local or state authorities to be granted a special permit. Many states that once enforced this rule have now abandoned this regulation.

Let’s go through the list in order as listed above

                               Crossbow packages

Volt 300 Low Draw Weight Compound Crossbow Package

Crosman Volt 300 Low Draw Weight Compound Crossbow Package


Lightweight, adjustable composite stock that’s ideal for youth, females and seniors
Interchangeable black, blue and pink inserts
10.5” power stroke
Auto-safety cocking mechanism
130 lbs. draw weight

Pacjkage Includes: Parallel Quiver, Rope Cocker, 3 Dot Illuminated Sigh, 3 Arrows (20″ Length, 420 Grains, Carbon)

                        BOLT ALUMINUM ( ARROWS)

Nexus Crossbow Bolt – (20″) Yellow

Allen 20″ Nexus Crossbow Bolt, Yellow,


4″ vanes for superior flight control
Half moon nock
For crossbows up to 185lbs
Recommended field point size: 11/32

                          BOLT CARBON (ARROWS)

Diablo 18″ Carbon Arrows

Excalibur has teamed with arrow manufacturer, Easton, to develop the Diablo carbon arrows, specifically designed for use in Excalibur’s Matrix Series Crossbows. The Diablo carbon arrows are 18″ long and feature 2″ vanes and they are spined for the blistering speeds you get with Excalibur’s Matrix crossbows. A heavier front insert increases front-of-center weight for unparalleled accuracy.
Diablo arrows also feature a flatback insert which means no need for nocks which gives you much more reliable contact with the string.


Torrent Crossbow Broadhead – 100 Grains

Allen’s Torrent Crossbow Broadhead is designed with a 1 degree right offset in the blades to help induce spin and improve accuracy. With a 1-3/16” cutting diameter, these three blade broadheads also feature a razor sharp chisel tip and an integrated blade locking nut. The increased inner diameter ferrule matches crossbow bolts.

                CASE & SLEEVES

Crossbow Padded Soft Bag

Travel in style with this snazzy soft-sided case for CenterPoint crossbows. Features padding in all the right places plus a carry handle and an adjustable & detachable shoulder strap.

The large accessory pocket is perfect for what’s important: extra bolts or a big game skinning kit (because you’re going to need it!). Fits crossbows up to 36″ long and 29″ wide. The large, attractive embroidered CenterPoint logo lets everyone know you know quality.

               COCKING DEVICE

Cocking Aids – Cocking Rope, (ALL Crossbows)

Excalibur’s ROPE COCKING AID will allow you to comfortably load and unload any Excalibur crossbow by reducing the felt draw weight by 50% as well as guarantee perfect string alignment for optimum accuracy. Made from highest quality components. It uses comfortable “T” handles and easily slips into a pocket when not in use.


Quiver – X-Hanger,5 Arrow Multi Positional, Realtree Xtra

X-Hanger, 5-Arrow Multi Positional Quiver, Realtree Xtra


Arrow Quiver
Safely holds arrows and broadheads
Lightweight carbon rod design
Quick-detach mount
Can mount parallel to mainframe or limbs


ACOG 3x24mm XB Compact Dual Illuminated Crossbow Scope

The first truly high performance optic designed specifically for crossbows. At 5.89 ounces, it stands as the lightest magnified crossbow optic. The illuminated reticle accommodate speeds from 300 fps to 340 fps, feature bolt drop stadia lines out to 80 yards, and has Bad River Outdoors patented deer/elk ranging capabilities. Together, they provide the ability for ranging and hold-over, all in the field of view the first reticle of its kind.

                 REPLACEMENT PARTS

Matrix String

Constructed of BCY Dynaflight 97 material Excaliburs Matrix Crossbow String produces two distinct advantages. First, it increases speed, which is a key attribute of Matrix Series crossbows. The Matrix 380 Xtra, for example, shoots 380 fps! The second advantage is reduced creep which allows you more time shooting, less time tuning.

Air Brakes (Sound & Recoil Suppression System)

And many more replacement parts this are just examples of 2

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