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As all hunters know concealment is a very important part of the hunters gear. This practice of concealment has been around for hundreds of years not only in hunting, but also for military use such as snipers. Not only to be undetected to sight in a target for a kill shot, but also for surveillance to gather intelligence.
For hunters it is also used to be undetected so pray will come forth to the hunter without being spooked. There are many types of products on the market today that help camouflage the hunter.

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This article will go over seven types of gear one can use to help to become undetected to the eye by blending in to the natural surroundings.
We will show pictures and information on these products
In order 1) Camo Cream, 2) Blind Fabric, 3) Camo pen, 4) Face Paint, 5) Camo Duct Tape, 6) Ground Blind, 7) Storage Pack
All these products have a purpose and work well as you will learn the use they will become a needed part of the gear a hunter will have.


This camo cream comes in many shades to help the user to blend in to the natural surroundings.
Camouflage Cream 5 color round compact with mirror goes on easily and stays on until removed with soap and water. The non-glare colors include Olive, Black, Brown, Sand and Green. Camouflage your face and hands in strips or patterns to suit your environment. Lightweight, compact and versatile for easy storage in a BDU pocket. Retail blister packaged.

Blind Fabric
This fabric has many uses it needs to be durable and waterproof and of course to be able to blend in to the natural surroundings.

The die-cut leafy pattern of Allen’s Camo Omni Tex 3D Blind Fabric imitates your natural surroundings, so it is great for ground blinds, treestands, and waterfowl blinds, and the weather resistant polypropylene material stands up to mother nature so you can leave your blind up all season.

What a gem for touch-ups that comes in different colors, a quick go to.

Mojo introduces the future for face paint with the Camo Roller Pen. The BEST face paint combined with the most convenient applicator-based on the ball point ink pens Mojo has used for years. A water based paint that rolls on without ever touching with your fingers – and wipes off with plain water, wet towel, wet wipe of easy removal. Specially designed paint dries fast after application and becomes practically smudge proof. It is odorless, hypo-allergenic and provides a dull finish to your skin. Truly a better paint in a better applicator.

There are different colors as well most popular are the green and black or the green and loam.

Camcon’s easy to use push-up Camouflage Face Paint goes on easily and stays on until removed with soap and water. Camcon offers four different color combinations that come in relatively small tubes to make them easy to carry and store. Because of their fairly small size make sure to pack extras in with your gear for possible future use or those knuckleheads who forgot theirs. Each color combination comes in a double ended plastic tube with a different color at each end.


Allen’s Camo Duct Tape from is a heavy-duty, high quality, rugged tape with hundreds of uses, from hunting to geocaching and emergency kits.
Attaches easily to shiny surfaces on blinds, deer stands, guns, bows, shooting sticks, and beverage containers.

Portable ground blind this is a must it give you remove to maneuver while staying concealed.

The Up-N-Down Stakeout Ground Blind is an extra large, 12′, adjustable height blind. It is constructed with double sided Ground Swat Gray camo material. The solid fiberglass poles with sharpened ends make it easy to push into the ground, and they are fully adjustable from 23″ to 36″. A carrying case with shoulder strap is included.
Adjust from 23″ to 36″
Ultra light 12′ ground blind
Quick set up
5 adjustable stakes with sharpened ends & push caps
Carrying case with shoulder strap
Double sided camo material
Ground Sway Grey Camo

Now this is a very nice piece of gear, you can use it to sit on, store other gear a must to be camouflaged.


Peregrine Field Gear has spared no expense at bringing you the ultimate hunting bucket carrier. Featuring 3 separate pockets capable of holding up to 5 boxes of 2.75″ or 3″ shotgun shell, means you don’t have to be the most accurate shooter in the dove field and your friends will be coming to you when they run out of shells. The side pockets also can fit most ice fishing poles. The two insulated water bottle holders are big enough to fit 1 L Nalgene bottles so you and your 4-legged friend stay hydrated. The padded back pad and shoulder straps makes carrying your bucket to and from the field easy and hands free. Attach all your extra accessories to the D-rings to make sure nothing gets lost. Finally, side hooks help support the belt of the revolutionary Quick-Shot shotgun holster (sold separately), giving you a place to rest the butt of your gun and still keep it ready and the muzzle pointed safely skyward. This combo kit comes complete with the backpack bucket carrier, a tan 5 gallon bucket and your choice of a Silent Spinning or 3/4 Stationary bucket lid seat. Optional add-on’s include a sytrofoam cooler insert and the Quick -Shot shotgun holster.

There you have it, 7 must haves for concealment and about all camouflage gear products that you can find at The Hunters Blind LLC

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