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Airsoft Guns & Supplies

Airsoft Guns & Supplies

Airsolf guns are compared to BB or pellet guns, these guns are designed to look like real guns such as rifles, hand guns, even machine guns. They shoot pellets by the means of gas, spring action, battery powered electric system. Airsoft guns are used for firearms training and even movie props, because they look like the real thing. And they are not deadly as a real gun is. They are used for military and firearms training because they are much safer to use then the real thing.
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Airsolf guns unlike BB guns and pellet gun that are not designed to shoot at people that can kill small animals, airsolf like paintball guns are designed to shoot at people in games and training exercises, of course use protective gear should be worn, definitely eye protection is a must. And for the military it is a much cheaper and reliable tactical training method.

Not only are airsoft guns used for firearms training the originally were designed recreational purposes, there are even competition teams around the world. What a lot of fun!

Here are a few example of Airsolf guns and supplies.

H&K Replica Soft Air – P30, Battery

H&K P30 Electric Airsoft Pistol
Specifications: Electric, Velocity: 180fps, Blow back, Shots/Min: 200, Full or Semi-Auto, Hop-up, Metal Barrel, Precision Accuracy, Capacity: 16 rounds, Caliber: 6mm Airsoft, Length: 7.0 inches, Weight: 0.5 lbs., Includes: 2 magazines, Requires 4 AAA batteries.

HK MP7 AEG – Black

The MP7 AEG airsoft rifle is an electric gun that shoots BBs at 240 FPS. With a 180-round capacity and a built-in hop-up BB system you can shoot for long periods of time without reloading. The Flip-up sights are a great accessory as well as the integrated accessory rail and detachable grip!

Beretta ARX160 Electric Airsoft Rifle, 6mm,

The feature-packed Beretta ARX160 Advanced airsoft rifle is a perfect balance of style and features for an afforable price. An electric-powered replica of Beretta’s firearm, this intro-level rifle is compatible with common M4 airsoft magazines and features an adjustable external Hop-Up for fine tuning performance. Choose between semi-automatic and fully automatic firing modes with easy-to-use safety/mode controls while taking aim through the fixed sights and slinging plastic BBs at 300 fps. The tough polymer shell and rechargeable battery mean your trusty airsoft rifle is ready whenever you are, and an assortment of tactical rails stand ready for any compatible accessories you want to mount.

Soft Air, Ammunition – Red, .12g 6mm BB’s-5000

.12 gram Translucent Red Airsoft BBs (5000 count)

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