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Airguns & Accessories

An air gun launches a projectile such as a BB or pellet by way of compressed air or other gases that are pressurized mechanically without involving any chemical reactions. Air guns are in the form of both long gun and hand gun forms.

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Air guns have been around for a very long time dating back about 500 years and have been perfected over the years. They also now have air cylinders that can be replaced at will.

Air guns are used for hunting, pest control and recreational shooting, and competitive sports, such at the Olympic target shooting.

There are many different types of air guns, the one I used to have was Pump pneumatic air gun, or pump gun ,a use a lever to pump air into a onboard pressurize an internal reservoir, which then discharge the stored compressed air during shooting. Design vary from either single-stroke or multi-stroke. The one I used was a multi stroke pump, the more you pump the more pressure and the more force the projectile had.

Pre-charged air guns have their internal reservoir pre-filled from an external air, and remains pressurized until depleted after repeated shooting. And many of them are adjustable allowing a set volume of the pressurized air to be discharged into the chamber and propel the projectile.

More modern day air guns use CO2 cylinders a prefilled cylinder with compressed air that come in different sizes. That offer powerful repeat shots in a compact package.

The most popular ammunition used in rifled air guns are pellets but also BB’s can be uses.

Target practice is the real fun is, a cheap way to sharpen ones skills in speed and accuracy.
There are many different types of designs of air guns, many different style to from hand gun styles to riffle styles to military style air guns.

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