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High Quality Fixed Blades & Folding Knives

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High Quality Knives

Whether you are looking for a folding knife, multi-tool, machete, or fixed blade knife The Hunters Blind llc has it all. We have a very large collection of knives and are prices are unmatched.
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A fixed blade knife is a knife that typically needs a sheath to protect the blade. Fixed blade means that the blade part of the knife is attached to the handle and cannot be moved. Sometimes the blades are attached by a small tang. If you are looking for a more durable fixed blade knife it would be best to look for one that is full-tang. This means the metal blade extends the full length of the handle. This reduces weak points in the metal and often prevents the blade from snapping off of the handle.

A pocket knife, folding knife or utility knife is the opposite of the fixed blade. The blade is usually the same size as the handle and folds into the handle rather than needing a sheath. The small form factor makes these knives ideal for every day carry and makes them a handy knife for most tasks. A standard folding knife will lock in place when opened up and will also have a belt clip on the handle.


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